Freedom Climber

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The Freedom Climber would be a great addition to your youth fitness area. It provides the benefits of climbing without the risk of falling from dangerous heights, or supervision like huge versions seen in high schools and some facilities. It is also more beneficial to the user as it provides a continuous climb unlike stationary rock walls that reach a point at the top. Most facilities cannot afford to spend upwards to $100,000K to purchase a full scale rock climbing wall unless that facility is specific to training for rock climbing. The unit is 8ft by 8ft (90 inch surface) and extends only 8 inches from the wall. The small footprint is perfect for any facility. A smaller unit (72inch) is available for youth fitness programs. Benefits of Climbing: Core Development Stabilizer Conditioning Hand/Grip Strength Hand/Eye Coordination Cardio Flexibility Balance Stamina How it works: The climbing surface rotates either clockwise or counter-clockwise. A tension control dial located on the side of the unit allows the user to increase or decrease the level of difficulty. The climbing surface consists of a recycled rubber that comes in a variety of designs from Slate, to Desert Stone.

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