Elite Rings

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A new twist on bodyweight exercise with portable, adjustable-height gymnastics rings.


Includes two lightweight rings made from durable Lexan and two 16 foot adjustable straps. They secure easily to any bar, beam, power rack or even a tree. By adjusting the height, you can change from pullups to pushups in seconds! Basic exercises are enhanced by the free motion and instability of the rings. More challenging variations are possible with the Elite Rings, but they are also accessible to beginners who can reduce their bodyweight resistance by adjusting the angle of their body or the height of the rings. Advanced trainees can incorporate more advanced gymnastics strength exercises such as the muscle-up, front lever and cross. The Elite Rings are used by professional athletes, elite military and law enforcement units and top trainers around the world. Recently they were featured on the Biggest Loser and used by the cast of 300 the movie. If you are looking to enhance your workouts, the Elite Rings will revolutionize your training.


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