Stretch Out Strap

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Perform PNF Stretching without a Partner.


72" long strap with 10 loops to grab or use for foot placement.


  • Allows you to benefit from PNF stretching without a partner
  • Stretch all muscle groups using the multiple loops.
  • Lets you stretch more effectively and safely than stretching without the strap.

  • Accommodates people of all sizes.
  • The 16" x 20" poster included contains 20 stretches

    Stretches included are:
    Hamstring x 4
    Hamstring & Lower Back
    Calf & Hamstring
    Calf, Hamstring & Lower Back
    Quadriceps & Hip Flexors
    Outer Thigh
    Outer Thigh, Side & Triceps
    Inner Thigh x 3
    Inner Thigh & Low Back
    Front of Shoulder
    Triceps & Side
    Triceps & Biceps



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