The Stick Self Roller Massager 24" Original Stick

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Makes Knots Disappear by Increasing Blood Flow to Massaged Area.


The Stick is a revolutionary medical device to treat muscle pain and trigger points that is made of a space-age plastic that will allow necessary flexibility of the tool, providing maximum compression of the muscles.


  • Improves flexibility, recovery, performance, injury prevention,injury therapy
  • Eliminates muscle soreness & pain
  • Can be used in the workplace to manage production fatigue and prevent repetitive strain injuries.

  • The center rod is surrounded by spindles which roll over the muscle and has "memory" which allows the rod to return to its original position.
  • Handles provide maximum comfort in the grip
  • Available in three sizes 17" Travel STick, 24" Original Stick and 23" Stiff Stick
  • $48.00

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