Ivanko E-Z Lift Olympic Plates

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Ivanko introduces it's new patent pending E-Z Lift Plates. These new plates feature a traditional, round shape, multi-opening, E-Z lift design. Our plates incorporate (7) openings, not just (2) or (3). These extra openings dramatically improve handling off the floor and on and off machines and bars. Ivanko E-Z lift plates are the same diameter as conventional round Olympic plates and easily integrate with existing plates in the facility. This allows any facility to add E-Z lift plates, without having to discard their older plates. Watch for our rubber, urethane and Ivanko's exclusive, new ultrathane models coming soon. All of the openings have smooth radius and rounded edges for maximum comfort while grabbing the plates. Because they are round, there are no sharp "points" or "edges" to cut floors and damage equipment as with other "anti-roll" designs. Ivanko's rounded; contour shape of the plate conforms better to the hand, making it easier to carry. We round all edges to make it more comfortable to hold onto. Available in baked-on, polyester based, hammertone grey painted finish. Features and Benefits * Ivanko multihole, multi-slot designs. (7 holes, slots 45-lb. plate vs. 2 or 3 slots). * Easier to grasp from any direction. * Fully machined plate with smooth beveled radius in slots and holes. * Exceptionally more comfortable to handle than other "grip" style plates. * Ivanko proven plate design round vs. "grip" shapes offering the same shape and diameter as in traditional plates. * More comfortable with existing plates in the club or facility. * Ivanko design has no straight or square edges or "points" as in other "grip" style plates. * Less damage to floors and equipment. * Both styles in 45,35,25 lb. sizes. * No need to "force" you to use 10, 5, 2.5 lb. plates when not needed. 1

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