Olympic Rubber Encased EZ Lift Plate

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Ivanko introduces it's new rubber E-Z Lift Plates. These rubber plates features Ivanko's exclusive E-Z lift design of which a patent has recently been allowed. Ivanko rubber E-Z Lift plates will not crack, chip, flake, peel, rust or tear like cast iron painted or other non-rubber plates. Because the plates are rubber they will not damage floors or upholstery nor dent or scratch equipment. Ivanko's E-Z Lift rubber plates can easily be used with any style of plate racks either sliding, post, shelf type or "spider" racks, without worrying about compression dents on equipment frames or other damage that can occur with other non-rubber plates. Ivanko's exclusive rubber formula has a pleasant scent when compared to the offensive smell of other rubber plates. As with all Ivanko E-Z Lift Plates, the openings have smooth radius and rounded edges for maximum comfort while grabbing the plates. Compare the "Feel", "look", and "function" of Ivanko E-Z Lift Plates with any competitor. We know you'll choose Ivanko! The real innovator since 1969. Features and Benefits * No recycled rubber used * Will not crack, chip, flake, peel or tear * Will not dent equipment * Will not damage floors * Reduces noise * Never needs painting, will not rust * Excellent proportions * Rubber permanently molded over cast iron

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