Reebok Core Board

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Reebok Core Training - Strengthens your body and soul.

It is unlike anything you've ever seen... or felt. The new Reebok Core Board combines the benefits of cardiovascular, strength and interval training for a total-body, time-efficient workout.


Most conventional machines limit exercise to a single plane of motion. The Core Board utilizes three-dimensional movement to ensure you receive a total-body workout, matching your natural body mechanics. You'll move through infinite angles, strengthening literally dozens of muscles per exerciseóall the while improving balance and flexibility.


The Core Board features two different resistance levels to accommodate everyone from beginners to fitness pros. Beginners start with the highest resistance and gradually progress as muscle stability and strength increase. Advanced users can take advantage of lower resistance and higher intensity.


The Core Board Training System at a glance:

  • Enhances Mobility, Balance, Flexibility and Coordination
  • Tones and Firms Muscles
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Provides a time-efficient, total-body workout.
  • Constantly Changing Workouts Add Variety
  • Greater Workout Intensity for Better Results

Core Training is the latest, greatest way to get fit. Go to: and find out more about Core.


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